How to assemble your tissue pom pom balls

Your tissue paper pom poms will arrive unfolded, below are instructions for folding and fluffing your tissue pom pom decorations. How Divine stock a huge range of tissue pom pom colours and sizes.

how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_1 Your tissue paper pom pom kit includes 48 sheets of pre-cut tissue paper & floral wire (enough to make 4 of the large tissue pom poms or 8 of the mini tissue pom poms depending on which kit you have chosen).
how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_2 Separate 12 sheets of paper per large pom pom or 6 sheets of paper per mini pom pom and accordian style fold the paper, placing the valley at each scallop. Crease firmly with each fold.
how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_3 Gather the folded tissue paper and bend in the centre.
how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_4 Fold wire in half and slip wire over centre of folded tissue, twist tightly, and loop if desired (to hang by adding ribbon or string).
how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_5 Separate each layer, by gently pulling away from the centre of the pom pom.
how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_6 For best results, pull away from the top and bottom of one side before moving on to the next side.
how_to_assemble_tissue_poms_poms_7 The end result is a fully fluffed tissue paper pom pom, hang with ribbon or string to create beautiful wedding or party decorations.


Get Inspired by these Tissue Pom Pom Displays

See how these fabulous Tissue Paper Pom Poms have been put on show. We would love hear how you used your Pom Poms at your event, please share in the comments below or email us some photos.











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